Software Assurance

Software assurance

Software Assurance

iVAULT Software Assurance protects your software investment, providing you with access to the latest updates, patches and enhancements on the iVAULT platform. Maintaining customized software applications with today’s technology can be a labor-intensive exercise and a distraction from your core business. With Software Assurance, Pacific Alliance Technologies takes on the responsibility of safeguarding your investment and keeping up with advancements in the software industry.


We constantly invest in our software providing new releases to improve its value and maintain its competitive edge.

Latest Technologies

iVAULT is kept up-to-date with the latest software, through constant compatibility testing against new versions of browsers, operating systems, database systems and other third-party software components.


Identified user issues or required workarounds for third-party system issues supported by an online interface to log potential issues and feedback.

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