Database reports are displayed in the Results panel when the user submits a query (on the Search panel) or selects one or more features on the map (with the Select tool).

Results Panel

Provide a variety of  report formats and functions. These enable users to display the returned database records in  built-in report formats.

Grid View

Generate a table of the database records in a new window which is interactive with map. User can reselect different records in the grid and use other tools , e.g. “Locate” or “Detail Report” for the selected records.

Detail Report

Generate a report that is typically configured to include additional details for selected records and may also include an image of each map feature.
Image 1 | Image 2

Export to CSV file

Export the returned data to a CSV file that can be opened with Microsoft Excel or a text editor.

Custom Report

Open a custom report (which is developed outside of iVAULT) on the same or another server.

Mailing Label

Generate mailing lables for selected records in Microsoft Word format.

Check out the iVAULT Modules for more advanced tools. 

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