Advanced Tools

Advanced Tools


Generate a buffer of specified radius around one or more selected features.

Draw on Map (Redlining)

Draw lines, polygons, and text on the map for printing, plotting, copying, or saving (a.k.a. Redlining)


Determine the segment and accumulated distances between identified points on the map or get the length/area of one or more selected line/polygon features.

Print Map

Output the current map image (with optional legend, north arrow, and map title), to an HTML page (to send to a printer) or to a PDF file.

Select Within

Select features in a layer based on spatial relationship to features in another layer.

Social Media

Increase community engagement by mapping feeds from Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube. Provide crowd-sourced spatial information to help track emergency situations and improve constituent communication.

Thematic Mapping

Create classifications dynamically, based on processing database attributes and display on map with user specified symbology.

Check out the iVAULT Modules for more advanced tools. 

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