iVAULT Web GIS Administration Module

Administration Module

Easily configure all aspects of the Web GIS, including site design and layout, access and security, maps and databases, and searches and tools – without the expensive development costs. Deliver web GIS portal to your enterprise in a fraction of the time.


• Configure your brand, site layout, languages, tool bars, task panel and database searches
• Customize messages to your end user
• Configure server specifications


• Manage role-based access for user groups
• Authenticate and manage users and logins
• Create user groups, or import from Windows Active Directory, to be used later to grant access permissions for various iVAULT components
• Configure access to specific attributes, map layers and reports for each group
• Grant access to Maps, Quick Maps, Tasks & Tools, Searches for a specified Role, and move users from one role to another

Data Management

• Connect to Bing, Google, Yahoo, Open StreetMap, Esri and other base map services
• Configure core data layers. Users can add or update any layers without third party involvement
• Configure edit capabilities at the layer level and generate reports for capturing information about features


• Enable end users to log into departmental roles by clicking an image button on the login page, bypassing username/password entry while maintaining role differentiation
• Set up detailed database searches
• Enable application-level integrations
• Specify the controls available in the print tool including watermarks
• Define mailing label formats

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