Data Editing

iVAULT Web GIS Data Editing Module

Data Editing Module

Enhance your reporting, sharing, updating and linking capabilities.


The Custom Reports feature is used to share information with non GIS users by surfacing the underlying database attributes. By accessing integrated and detailed information, users are able to improve their decision-making process.

The Form Generator and reporting capabilities significantly streamline your operations.


Employees are able to access and share information in real-time, across the company, streamlining their workflow.
‘Events’ feature allows the community to view the status of real time events in the city or on any map. It also allows users to create spatial objects with attributes on the fly.


iVAULT Data Editing provides a single point of entry for all data collection across the organization. Populate and update standard data into your database through your custom forms or directly on the results panel.
Configure your own form with the standard controls built in the Form Generator.


Link your data entry or reporting form to a spatial feature in iVAULT and see the information in the results panel when clicking on the spatial feature. Link and open up forms that exist inside or outside of your network environment.

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