Integration Overview

iVAULT Web GIS Integrating Systems to the Map


Use iVAULT to leverage your existing data investments by integrating your internal data with publicly available data.

iVAULT includes an integration engine, which configures application level integrations between all of your business systems. This allows you to integrate your CAD, GIS, financial, customer, asset and other data instantly – supporting your decision-making ability by allowing you to visualize the aggregated data on a map.

By integrating diverse systems and data, you multiply reporting and querying capabilities without adding overhead to current workflows.

Asset Management

Increase your ability to manage your asset inventory more efficiently. View, track and edit the asset and work information on maps.


Support the decision-making process by integrating your financial data with other data and visualizing them together on a map.  This allows queries that:
• increase municipal revenue. For example, you can use your tax or utilities database to determine which properties in your GIS don’t receive tax bills.
• tailor marketing campaigns. For example,  you can identify the greatest concentration of customers that are billed for a basic service (eg. phone service) then target them for a focused marketing campaign to receive advanced service (eg. TELUS TV).

iVAULT has prepackaged, certified integrations to Diamond, Vadim and Tempest. iVAULT also has an integration engine that facilitates the configuration of integrations with any business system.

CAD & GIS Integration

Publish your CAD, mapping, GIS, financial and asset management data internally or to a wide audience. For example, many Fortune 500 companies use iVAULT to publish their office floor plans on th internet, allowing them to:
• run space-use scenarios against the latest CAD data
• search the CAD data for integrated information such as staffing and facility information. Using iVAULT, these large companies are able to make sense of their large campuses of office space worldwide.

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