Financial Integration

Financial Integration

iVAULT integrates GIS to Financial and Asset data, allowing the increased decision-making reducing cost and increasing revenue.

Having access to a unique portal with real-time data from diverse sources, visualizing the data on the map and sharing across the organization, teams are able to reduce cost with their workflows and to make better and informed decisions.

Through partnerships with the industry leading municipal financial solutions providers – Vadim, Diamond Solutions and Tempest – Pacific Alliance developed know-how and expertise on implementation of integration solutions – from financials to GIS to asset management systems. This know-how led to the development of iVAULT’s integration engine that configures application-level integrations between any business system.

Key characteristics

Share data

Information is distributed across departments, lots can be linked to assessment or Tax systems.

Link documents

Distribute Zoning bylaws or “As-builds”. Most organizations have a wealth of documents related to a location, maximize the use and visibility of this data within the organization.

Spatial tools

Reduce the time it takes for staff to complete their regular business work-flows. Export addresses to Microsoft Word based on selected lots to generate a mail-out, or create a buffer around a location and identify the affected assets.


Improve the quality of data and reduce overhead in servicing requests for information. Sharing your data over the web encourages the organization to use it and contribute to the accuracy and content.


Municipal assets can be seen in context without requiring complex GIS and CAD software implemented across your departments. Reduce the cost of providing desktop licenses for viewing of engineering and asset data.


Information that is not readily apparent in spreadsheets, is better viewed spatially. For example, which addresses are affected by a capital project?


Diamond Municipal Solutions

With Microsoft Dynamics at its heart, Diamond Municipal Solutions specializes in the development, implementation and support of municipal and utility accounting systems for mid-sized municipalities. SEE MORE!

Vadim Software

Vadim develops and provides ERP software to small to mid size municipalities and local governments. It’s iCity software is comprised of over 20 specialized municipal applications, with core financials as the base. SEE MORE!

Tempest Development Group

Tempest develops and provides land management and revenue collection software to municipalities and local governments. SEE MORE!

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