Asset Management


Asset Management

Our Asset Management Division provides a broad range of asset management consulting services and technology implementations with a focus on infrastructure assets.

Asset management systems can benefit from the inclusion of geospatial data and technology. Integrating to geospatial information improves the ability to manage, visualize, analyze, and communicate information about assets and work management.

Key Benefits

Improve operational decisions

Users can easily visualize and understand the geographic context of an asset and find other assets located nearby.

Improve work planning

Organizations are able to direct crews to handle work orders in the same geographic area. They may correlate historical assets and work order information to the characteristics of the geographic areas to make better projections.

Increase efficiencies in business processes

Users have the ability to search based on addresses and the display of non-geospatial referenced work orders, or assets on the map.

Increase productivity

Users have the ability to spatially select assets for an operation which simplifies the employee workflows and allows better decisions, reducing operational cost.


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