Web GIS for Telecommunications

iVAULT is an easy-to-use, integrated and rapidly-deployable Web GIS solution. Telcos use iVAULT to enhance their decision-making capabilities.

Telcos that use iVAULT:

• share information internally to facilitate better decision-making
• increase efficiency by improving network planning and management
• drive network expansion based on pinpointed demand and competitor presence
• implement accurate and rapid solutions by correlating customer complaints and network quality
• support sales and marketing by understanding localized demand and network capacity

Case Study


iVAULT helps TELUS Provision TELUS Optik TV customers

TELUS is a leading national telecommunications company in Canada, serving over 12 million customers. TELUS provides individuals and businesses with a wide range of communications products and services, including data, Internet protocol, voice, entertainment and video. For over a decade Pacific Alliance Technologies has provided extensive training, professional services and support to help TELUS meet their corporate goals.


In recent years TELUS has grown dramatically through a consolidation of three corporate entities at different times with different business systems. They have recently made huge investment in infrastructure to increase Internet speeds, expand wireless networks and introduce new products. TELUS initiated the GeoHAWK (Geospatial Holistic Access to Working Knowledge) Project as a first phase technology trial to prove that spatial data can be accessed enterprise-wide and integrated with other business systems. They needed a flexible, targeted web & mobile mapping solution that would work with its spatial data store for all its user groups. TELUS needed tools to view, search, analyze and edit spatial and attribute data through a browser and capture/edit data in the field using smart phones.


TELUS chose Pacific Alliance because of their expertise with web-mapping implementations and their iVAULT product, which offers numerous benefits, including platform flexibility, a single authoring tool for easier data integration, easy report creation and web-based administration.

Pacific Alliance developed a spatial viewing tool hosted on iVAULT MapGuide OpenSource. It connects and aggregates many spatial data formats, with multiple web-map publishing options. As well, it delivers TELUS data or image data in searchable and locatable formats with data mining and reporting capabilities based on user security access. Corporate data and image data is now editable and field workers can make map markups.

Using defined data layering, TELUS can easily visualize the products customers are using. This functionality delivers improved corporate intelligence for marketing, infrastructure planning and construction.


Pacific Alliance created a single geospatial Oracle data store with FRAMME mapping combined with IMAGE data attributes. It connects to all the TELUS corporate and commercial spatial data stores, requiring a full data integrity review and conversion to a single coordinate system: the FieldView Next Generation.

For the first time TELUS aggregated corporate and IMAGE data are now easily searched, mapped and edited. This delivers improved decision-making capabilities to many departments for infrastructure investment, target marketing and field crew management. iVAULT’s user administration tools provide secured data access for viewing, editing, customized analysis and reporting.

Customer Testimonials


“iVAULT delivered more than expected in terms of the use of our sevice, client and infrastructure data”

“This proof of concept demonstrated Pacific Alliance’s capabilities. They were highly responsive and collaborative, providing creative suggestions and delivering the project on time. The GeoHAWK Project helped us to effectively demonstrate geo-mapping techniques by putting infrastructure, customers and products into context”

“We can now further explore opportunities to deploy web and mobile mapping on a larger scale across our network” – said Dan Shannon, TELUS Corporation, Business Consultant – Systems Architecture.


Ponderosa Telephone Co.: Improved decision-making process

Pacific Alliance Technologies implemented iVAULT Web GIS on the Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server (AIMS) Platform. Pacific Alliance Technologies delivered large scale database migration integrating spatial and non spatial data into a consolidated and homogeneous spatial data store for consumption by iVAULT web GIS technology. The iVAULT easy-to-use interface provides an environment to present data to both novice and experienced GIS professional, without overwhelming the user with GIS tools that require training. As a result, the company had improved their business workflows and their decision-making process. Ponderosa Telephone Co. Website

TELUS: GIS Workflow Process and Corporation-wide training

Pacific Alliance designed and implemented a streamlined Permit Plan process that was integrated with the TELUS corporate GIS/mapping system.  The project provided a streamlined work-flow process with a customized user interface to facilitate efficient production of the required Permit Plans, based on established data standards. The workflow included detailed steps to streamline their digital plan submission process. Subsequently, we trained TELUS corporation-wide on this system and process. TELUS Website.

Northwestel: Workflow Process

No telecommunications company in the Western hemisphere serves an operating area larger than Northwestel. They provide wireline and cellular telephone service in Canada’s North. Northwestel was in need of a systematic approach to AutoCAD training that would reinforce their standards and business processes. Pacific Alliance delivered AutoCAD courses in Northwestel’s office to support their corporate initiatives.Northwestel Website.

Verizon Communications: iVAULT Implementation for 70,000 Staff

Pacific Alliance delivered Verizon’s first web-based mapping system for use by 70,000 employees and 18,000 field staff. iVAULT revolutionized their provisioning by allowing teams in one part of their service area to design and provision in other parts of the country. Their design data was previously held in regional silos. Verizon Website.

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