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GIS for Space and Facility Management

Web GIS for Space and Facility Management

Organizations have been using iVAULT to enhance their decision-making capabilities. They reduce costs and increase productivity by using iVAULT to manage their facility and space by integrating data from multiple departments.

Space and Facility Management organizations that use iVAULT Web GIS can:

• Share information internally and externally, facilitating better decision-making
• Benefit from integration between CAD, GIS and Content Management Systems
• Use integrated data with spatial attributes to improve facility and space planning
• Reduce costs through enhanced analysis of facility use, availability and optimization
• Manage maintenance workflows for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems
• Implement an accurate contingency plan in case of environmental incidents like floods, storms and earthquakes

Case Studies

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)

iVAULT Space Management

Headquartered in Chicago, USA, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) is a financial and professional services firm specializing in real estate services and investment management. JLL works with corporations to improve their space utilization and to manage the costs, efficiency and performance of the real estate they own and occupy. JLL has more than 30,000 people in 750 locations in 60 countries.


JLL had been an Autodesk MapGuide 6.5 customer for several years, and wanted to upgrade to MapGuide Open Source. JLL unsuccessfully pursued a customized solution before deciding to upgrade to iVAULT. System flexibility, stability, performance and user support were key business needs.


JLL chose Pacific Alliance Technologies because of our MapGuide expertise, and our reputation for rapid and configurable implementation. iVAULT put them in control of their data for quick access and flexibility.

JLL chose iVAULT because its architecture makes data integration easier and it is rapidly-deployable. iVAULT enables JLL’s clients to query attributes of the CAD data to facilitate the decisions needed to manage millions of square feet of tenant space.


Pacific Alliance Technologies implemented an iVAULT and MapGuide Open Source platform, adding flexibility to MapGuide’s functionality. This gave JLL the ability to configure queries to meet their business needs. iVAULT’s intuitive interface provided easy functionality for users.


Facilities Survey Inc.

Facilities Survey Inc. (FacSur) provides building and facilities management services to their clients. These services are supported through the CMS Insight system. This system provides a central repository for all facilities related attribute data and supports the following facility related functions: Facilities / Building Management; Space Management; and Equipment / Asset Management. Pacific Alliance Technologies has implemented iVAULT Web GIS ArcGIS Server, providing two-way integration between GIS and CMS Insight system. Facility Survey Website.

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)

Jones Lang Lasalle is the world’s second largest manager of office space. As such they need to be able to provide their customers with quick, 24/7 online access to their floorplans. iVAULT publishes their massive quantity of CAD files on-the-fly while adding intelligence along the way so that their floor plans are now searchable and their data editable through a common web browser. No need for expensive desktop software! Jones Lang LaSalle Website.

McMaster University

Pacific Alliance Technologies implemented iVAULT wed GIS on MapGuide Open Source, providing a web-based Spatial Building Management interface for their faculty.
iVAULT provided McMaster University with the opportunity to present a consolidated visual portal into their Spatial Building Management data and to enhance query and report functionality related to spatial features. The iVAULT self-service architecture allowed efficient internal Spatial Building Management data, without external consultancy. McMaster University Website.

Customer Testimonials

Jones Lang LaSalle

“iVAULT delivers functionality that allows us to be flexible and adaptable to our clients’ needs.”

“iVAULT has given us the flexibility and functionality we need so we can service multiple clients with varying requirements without the constant need for customization. The result is lower costs to us and to our clients and greater adaptability to meet our clients’ unique and changing needs.”  Steven Bogart, Vice President, Jones Lang LaSalle

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