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iVAULT Web GIS  enhances decision-making capabilities by enabling organizations from the Oil & Gas industry to better manage petroleum exploration, production, facilities and pipelines. iVAULT is an easy-to-use, integrated and rapidly-deployable Web GIS solution.

Oil & Gas organizations that use iVAULT Web GIS:

• Integrate GPS field collection with both CAD drafting and GIS environments in one-easy-to use system
• Streamline project management with fast and accurate data access
• Increase project billings, integrating GIS and Job Book
• Use reporting functions to quickly resolve non-compliance issues
• Reduce costs and time by centralizing data repositories
• Efficiently manage field crews by scheduling work based on location


McElhanney Land Surveys Ltd

McElhanney Land Surveys has implemented a site called GeoWorks, which is based on MapGuide Open Source and iVAULT.  With this site, they provide access to proprietary data and GIS tools for a large number of internal users and clients. Pacific Alliance Technologies enhanced McElhanney’s base iVAULT product with funtionalities that suit their specifc needs. These include self-serve client login interface, controls to grant access to client-specific layers and feature attributes, and sophisticated analytical capabilities (such as the Proximity Analysis tool). The project also involved integration with Microsoft Dynamics, CRM/ERP and AutoCAD Civil 3D. McElhanney Website

Millennium Geomatics

iVAULT MapGuide Open Source helping field crews
Pacific Alliance Technologies implemented an internal Web GIS site for Millennium Geomatics. MapGuide Open Source with iVAULT allows their office and field crews to search an area of interest and gain all the relevant geospatial information on that area. This implementation was the topic of a presentation at the GITA Oil & Gas Conference in 2009. Millenium Geomatics Website

Stewart Weir Group (SWG)

Pacific Alliance developed an internal Web GIS site for SWG. MapGuide Open Source with iVAULT has become the searchable data store for their Job Book information. SWG uses iVAULT to configure and maintain their internal web GIS site. Stewart Weir Website

Challenger Geomatics

GIS with iVAULT and MapGuide Open Source
Pacific Alliance developed an internal GIS site for Challenger, using iVAULT built on MapGuide Open Source. The site is primarily used by internal staff for identifying the placement of wells and pipelines.  Challenger Geomatics Website

Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB)

Hosted GIS for Oil & Gas
When the ERCB’s MapGuide hosting provider left the business, the company required a timely migration of their public MapGuide site to the Pacific Alliance hosting environment. The iVAULT framework that Pacific Alliance has developed for use with MapGuide Enterprise provided a low-cost and quick solution to their needs. The ERCB’s customized external GIS site, known as BOS, services over 3,000 oil & gas clients in the province Alberta. ERCB Website.

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