iVAULT provides a Rapid Application Configuration environment that makes spatial data available to support better decision making. Available on four industry-leading GIS platforms and leveraging our Form Designer environment, iVAULT brings spatial data to our user base across multiple industries.


From field use to engaging with the community, iVAULT helps support the Municipal decision-making process. iVAULT has certified integrations with Financial and Asset Management systems that enable it to fit better into your environment.

Oil & Gas

iVAULT provides the fastest way from the field to the web for your GPS, CAD, GIS and associated Job Book database information.

Space and Facility Management

iVAULT helps public facilities such as universities, hospitals and airports, as well as many Fortune 500 companies manage both the inside space allocation of their buildings, and also the supporting infrastructure services.


iVAULT can visualize both CAD and GIS data in its native format, bridging the gap and removing a “pain point” for most Telcos. iVAULT gives you the ability to provide a simple unified portal into your data. It also allows you to target your marketing, better support field operations and run scenarios against the aggregation of your customer, facility, plant, billing and outage databases.

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