Implementation Overview

iVAULT Standard Implementation Process


Process Methodology

Our implementation methodology uses the Project Management Body of knowledge (PMBOK) best practices.

iVAULT has been implemented successfully in many industries across the globe. From Local Government to Fortune 500 companies and Engineering firms to Oil & Gas and Telecommunications, there are thousands of people around the world using iVAULT application in their day to day operations.

Strategy and Planning

The overall project vision, methodology, success criteria and phases are defined in the Project Plan. The Project Plan is the deliverable from the Strategy and Planning component of the project.

Requirements Analysis

In the Requirements Analysis phase, the technical GIS and IT infrastructure requirements are defined and documented in preparation for the deployment phase.


The Design phase is reserved for those iVAULT implementations that have custom tools or customized features that are not part of the standard iVAULT Application.


Development is not typically required in an iVAULT implementation, rather the application just requires configuration to meet your needs. The Development phase of the implementation is the deliverable from the design phase.


During the Deployment phase PAT’s Project Manager and Technical teams will work with the client to install iVAULT on the GIS Server, configure the server and apply the best practices and install the iVAULT Log Monitoring Service.


During the training phase of the project PAT’s iVAULT Trainer will come to the client and conduct a rigorous onsite iVAULT training session.


The Maintenance phase is the final phase of the methodology. Our client support team will provide ongoing application support.

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