iVAULT ArcGIS 4.4 is released

Pacific Alliance Technologies is proud to announce the release of iVAULT version 4.4 for the ArcGIS platform.

This latest release better supports client workflows and has enhanced data access capabilities.

This new release features over 15 enhancements, including:

    Extended iVAULT Administrator is more intuitive and comprehensive with a WYSIWYG iVAULT web layout creation tool
    Social Media Integration mapping feeds from Twitter, YouTube and Flickr providing crowd-sourced spatial information to help track emergency situations and improve constituent communication
    New Events functionality to create spatial objects with attributes on-the-fly allowing users to register inspection, repair or any other type of event against any feature. For example, add or update an inspection, repair, or replacement event against traffic signs.
    Layer priority for finer control of feature selection
    Role-based layer settings to control initial display, legend inclusion and expansion, and map feature selectability – this allows our clients to author just one map and provide their specialized layer configuration and access to various user groups (e.g. staff vs public, different departments, etc.)
    Quick Map tool to store current base map and layer information for future recall
    • Ability to expand or collapse individual map services in the legend by default
    • Support for multiple default user logins
    • Slider to enable the user to adjust number of columns in the detail report
    • …and much more!

New modules available:

    Third-Party Integrations with systems such as: Laserfiche, Tempest, and WorkTech.
    Analytics: powerful components to increase analytics capabilities, such as: query builder, GPS-enablement of iVAULT, data export to over 400 formats and new spatial data upload options through the iVAULT viewer.
    eCommerce: enhanced security to facilitate many user groups accessing the system through logins administered by each user group’s administrator.  The security is now linked to common payment options like Visa and paypal to facilitate system access.

Join us to see how these enhancements will make your web GIS experience easier and more productive!

Free Webinar, March 08th, register at:  ivault.pat.ca/webinars

Please consult the iVAULT release notes found on our Client Portal

For a list of the most recent bug fixes, please contact us at sales@pat.ca


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